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Under Milk Wood

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Date:Thu 17 Oct 2019Time:19:30
Venue Valletta Campus Theatre (VCT ex MITP), Valletta
Date:Fri 18 Oct 2019Time:19:30
Venue Valletta Campus Theatre (VCT ex MITP), Valletta
Date:Sat 19 Oct 2019Time:19:30
Venue Valletta Campus Theatre (VCT ex MITP), Valletta
Date:Sun 20 Oct 2019Time:19:30
Venue Valletta Campus Theatre (VCT ex MITP), Valletta

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17 – 20 October at the Valletta Campus Theatre

One of the funniest English-language comedies of modern times, Under Milk Wood by Dylan Thomas, is renowned for its stunning lyrical language and imagery, its extraordinary townsfolk and universal themes that have made it an international favourite, translated into some 30 languages.

Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Anthony Hopkins, Michael Sheen, Rhys Ifans and Tom Jones have all starred in stage, film or radio versions of this marvellous play, described by Burton as “a comic masterpiece”. Under Milk Wood is set in a fictional Welsh seaside village, but it could be anywhere: the characters are eccentric, poignant, dreamers or driven, frustrated lovers, schemers, tradesmen, farmers and fishermen, preacher, postman and sea captain, schoolteacher, even a would-be if unlikely murderer.

[[ There is the benign preacher, the Reverend Eli Jenkins, and the retired blind seaman, Captain Cat; the lovelorn shopkeeper, Myfanwy Price; the bossy landlady, Mrs Ogmore Pritchard - hectoring the ghosts of her two (dead) husbands, or Mr Pugh, the local schoolteacher with murder on is mind; not to mention Willy Nilly Postman - steaming open everyone's letters before he delivers them. ]]

Moonlight Theatre’s highly-talented cast is drawn from South Wales, where Dylan Thomas - one of the most admired and popular modern British poets and playwrights - grew up and spent most of his short life. It is also where he found the raw material for many of the play's fascinating and well-observed comic creations. The play's director, John Rhys Thomas from Swansea, is a former chair of the Dylan Thomas Society, who has taken his touring productions of Under Milk Wood to New York, Harvard and Canada to great acclaim.

This hugely enjoyable play, performed here with live music, has an international reputation but has rarely been staged in Malta, despite the island’s strong English-speaking tradition. Moonlight Theatre is excited to have the chance to showcase the work of Wales’ most celebrated modern writer to new audiences and Dylan Thomas fans alike. The lyrical and imaginative language of Milk Wood is a revelation to many who come across it for the first time, and the play never loses its appeal.